New York December 2016 | Hotel, prices, flights…

I booked my trip to New York about eight weeks before we were due to fly there from London. We used to get an amazing deal where we flew with British Airways and stayed in a hotel round the corner from the Empire State Building for just £850 each! Although this does seem like a lot of money, for the location of the hotel and non-stop BA flights, I couldn’t believe how lucky we were.

Firstly, the BA flights were great. For each person a carry on bag, hold luggage, in-flight meals and choosing your seat (24 hours before the flight) was included. I would always highly recommend BA over the cheaper alternatives such as easyjet as they may seem cheaper at first but by the time you add on hold luggage and choosing a seat it can sometimes be more expensive. The BA flights alone can be expensive which is why you should find a package deal on the BA website or other sites such as and expedia. Other flights from London-New York you should consider are with Norwegian. I haven’t been on a long haul flight with them but I’ve used Norwegian previously. They offer a lowfare+ option which includes a carry-on bag, hold luggage, choosing a seat and an in-flight meal on long haul flights.

Hotel Room- Excuse the mess, wasn’t expecting to use the photo for anything other than to send to family.

Onto the hotel we stayed at, the Avalon Hotel (4*). This hotel was absolutely amazing and I cannot believe we got it for such a good deal. We stayed in a Junior Suite as none of the standard rooms were available and I’m glad they weren’t because the room we ended up with was huge. You entered into a large room with a double bed, sofa, dressing table, coffee table, two flat-screen TV’s, a mini fridge and a thermostat to change the temperate of the room. Turning left into a small corridor where there was a built-in wardrobe with full length mirrors for doors, there was also another mini-fridge for our own use next to this and a safe inside the wardrobe which could easily fit a laptop, a camera, money and everything you need to place in there. The bathroom was spotless with a bath/shower, large mirror, sink and a marble surface, hairdryer and a toilet. The room was made daily unless you left a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door which we did most days as the room was an embarrassing mess.

The staff were very friendly. This hotel does have a smoking floor so I suggest emailing in advance to request a non-smoking room if that’s what you want. Upon arrival we were given a smoking room but once saying we had emailed previously they happily swapped our rooms. They had a room near the lobby with two computers which you could use for free and also print for free, a free tea, coffee and hot chocolate machine which was refilled every morning. This personally was the highlight for me, considering we went in December when It was freezing the hot chocolate in the morning was fab.

FREE WIFI EVERYWHERE. So another highlight was the fact that you could get free wifi anywhere in this hotel, including your room, as long as you were staying there. This was great for us considering we bought a laptop to watch movies in the evenings as we were doing so much exploring in the days. The TV’s also had a HDMI slot so you can connect your laptop to the TV and watch literally whatever you want through that.


As for the Location, we were right next to 5th Avenue which is known for its many shops, resturants, cafe’s and much more through Manhattan. The hotel is located a block away from the Empire State Building in Korea Town and just over a 5 minute walk to Macy’s. The nearest subway station is on 34th street near Macy’s and is conveniently on 8 different lines with easy access to times square if you don’t fancy the walk, central park, the financial district, the American Museum of Natural History and so many more places. This hotel is very central which means it is near basically everything which is great to do some exploring through walking as you can come across much more.

As we went around Christmas time the lobby was decorated with a Christmas tree and lights. It truly was an experience to visit New York in December and the Avalon Hotel made us feel welcome and definitely had a Christmas vibe which was wonderful. 10/10 would recommend.


Avalon Hotel Lobby

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