Mini Haul!

So I went into town today with the intention to treat myself and only really bought two things but I still thought I would share them anyway!

  1. From Lush I purchased the BB Seaweed facemask which was £7.25. I’ve used the Cupcake one before which was really great and made my skin super soft but I thought I would go for something different this time.
  2. Next I went for the Superdrug Extracts coconut and sweet almond conditioner for dry/damaged hair for only 95p! I previously bought the aloe vera and mango one for oily/normal hair which smelt lovely and conditioned my hair really well. I went for a change as my hair has been a lot dryer recently. For 95p (when on offer), this is a bargain and I would definitely recommend Superdrug’s own conditioner.
  3. Lastly I really want to learn how to properly contour my face. So I thought the Revolution ‘Ultra Sculpt & Contour kit’ would be a great starter for only £3.50. I went for the Ultra Fair kit as my skin is super pale.

Please feel free to comment asking about any of the above. I haven’t used them yet but I will most likely do a review of the Revolution contour kit if I can figure out how to use it without looking like a clown! 🙂


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