Casual Look: Naked 3 Palette

In this hot weather I don’t usually wear any make up because I just end up sweating it off and it makes my skin feel disgusting. However, last night I decided to just do my eyes and leave the rest of my skin clear and I ended up liking the result!

You’re going to have to ignore my eyebrows…

I used my Naked 3 palette which was a birthday present from my boyfriend, it costs £39.50 and I absolutely love it. Before I applied the eye shadow I moisturised my entire face and then used my foundation as a base on my eyes. I don’t use primer because I feel like my eye shadow applies fine without it and also lasts the entire day.

To begin, I applied ‘LIMIT’ all over my eyelid and crease, then ‘NOONER’ in the crease and just above using the thicker end of the brush. Using the thinner end I applied ‘FACTORY’ to my crease and outer corner and blended using the thicker brush. With the same end I applied a tiny bit more ‘FACTORY’ from the outer corner to the middle of my eyelid and blended. (Just realising now how hard it is to explain applying make up when you don’t have a video or don’t know any of the correct terminology). To finish I applied ‘BURNOUT’ all over my eyelid using my finger as the sparkle in this eye shadow didn’t apply very well with the brush.

I couldn’t be bothered to apply eyeliner (I use pencil eyeliner so it would have smudged in the heat anyways) so I just went without and applied my Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay (£19) to my upper lashes and left my lower lashes bare. When I apply mascara to the top and bottom the look becomes a bit spidery and I don’t like that on me!

I naturally have longer eyelashes and it took me forever to find a mascara I was really happy with. I previously used different Maybelline mascaras but they weren’t that great for me personally. At first I wasn’t convinced that it would be worth the money but it makes my eyelashes look longer and more curved rather than dead straight and you can definitely notice the difference. It also isn’t clumpy unless you apply loads of layers but a couple is more than enough. One downside I would say is that it’s not waterproof but even after having a good cry about the fact that there’s a spider in the bathroom, the panda eyes aren’t that bad and some mascara is still left!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have a favourite mascara or if you have any good looks using the Naked 3 palette 🙂



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