Mini Summer Haul!

I had my last exam yesterday and I was looking forward to a really great nights sleep last night. I then woke up at 5am this morning with a blocked nose and a really sore throat… At least it wasn’t during exams but still it’s so annoying! Feeling sorry for myself I had a nose in H&M and bought myself some new summer things and also purchased a face mask for my boyfriend and I.


I spotted this bikini in H&M and I fell in love with it! I bought the size 10 bottoms (£8.99) and a size 12 top (£8.99). I didn’t try it on in the store but when I got home the size 12 top is giving me a double boob. Being a 32E/DDD it’s really annoying to find binikis that actually fit me and I’m a bit annoyed that I’m going to be classed as a size 14 in H&M when I’m normally a size 8/10 (more of a 10-12 now days cause of all the junk I ate during exam period). I’m debating whether I should just keep the size 12 top as I probably won’t be bothered to change it but we shall see!

The last two pair of sunglasses I bought were from H&M and I absolutely loved them but my big feet keep standing on them and breaking them. I went to buy another pair today of the same ones but they weren’t there so I had to go for something different. They were only £6.99! I also find it difficult to shop for sunglasses as I have such a small face and normally they just look ridiculous on me. Now the ones that I bought do look a bit big for my face but there’s nothing I can do about that so I’m going to pretend they fit perfectly.

Lastly, I can’t go on a small shopping spree without popping into Lush. After my boyfriend tried out my BB Seaweed Lush face mask here, I decided to buy another one especially for dry skin, the Oatifix (£7.25), so I’m sure I will write a review on this product at some point!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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