The Unique Blogger Award!

So I read about this from The Bookish Wanderer’s post and I decided to give it a go! It’s a great way to get to know each other especially if you rarely post anything personal.

The idea is that you answer three questions proposed by the previous blogger and then propose three more for anyone you tag to answer. In this case I tag anyone that wants to take part!

So the questions I have to answer:

1. What is the one movie that influenced your life the most?

This is such a hard question for me because I am a film fanatic and watch absolutely everything and anything. Many different films influence me in different ways so I guess I’ll talk about the film that has influenced me most recently, Monsters University. I know this may seem like such a weird choice but I’m nearing the end of my university experience and I have been quite stressed about my results and the next chapter of my life. This film reminds me that it’s okay not to have a plan and it’s also okay if at the end of this I don’t come out with a degree. There are so many things I can do with my life, I’m only 21 and this is just the beginning!

2. What is something you’ve never done that you’ve always wanted to do?

I have always wanted to travel round America and visit Australia. The dream would be to go out to these places, rent a car and just travel with my boyfriend! This requires a lot of money though but I am hoping to do a West Coast road trip within the next few years. After university I want to save up especially for this trip and worry about everything else later because life is too short to keep putting things off.

3. What’s your dream career?

My dream career changes so often that even I can’t keep up with myself! I am literally so undecided on what I want to do. However, I have been inspired by YouTubers such as OKbabyKKandbabyJ and KD & Kids to create a channel once I have kids (which probably won’t be for a while yet haha!). I am definitely more family orientated than career orientated, I think that watching a person grow and being there every step of the way must be so rewarding and beautiful and I cannot wait to experience it. Having this turn into a career would be amazing as then I could work from home and wouldn’t miss anything.

Here are my questions for you! :

  1. Where do you hope to see yourself in the next few years?
  2. Where would be your dream location to live?
  3. What is your favourite TV show? (This one is mainly for me because I need more shows to watch haha)

I hope you enjoyed and hopefully some of you will answer my questions as I am super nosy. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award!

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  1. Ahhh love this, so fun to see your answers to my questions! 🙂 I’m 21 too and totally agree with you – it can be stressful to not have a perfect neatly done up plan ahead but were still so young..and like you said, this is totally the time to do things we want because life is too short to miss out. I hope to be working for a game studio in the next few years, using my lit degree to write video games! I’d love to spend some years in Seoul buut Toronto would be an awesome place to live because it’s basically a bigger and better Montreal xD And I love The 100, they just ended with an amazing/nail biting season 4 finale! You should definitely check it out :p

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    1. That’s so awesome! My boyfriend is actually starting to create his own video game from scratch as he also wants to go into that industry 🙂 I’ve actually been watching The 100 and the season 4 finale was so good!! *THE 100 SPOILERS* I have so many questions and can’t believe they killed off Jasper! But sort of glad they did at the same time cause it was a good story line. Literally cannot wait to find out what happened to everyone in those 6 years! Also thanks for responding to the questions :’)

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      1. I know!! My friend I watch it with was getting quite bored but Jasper and the jump 6 years forward was a huge shock annd just like that we’re hooked again lol! Thats so awesome, good luck to him!

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