My holiday outfits!!

I’M BACK!!! After spending a week in Tenerife and then a few days at uni to sort out where I’m going to live next year, I am finally back in London trying to relax.

Just before I went away I did quite a big clothing haul for my holiday but I didn’t have the time to write a blog post about it. Instead I decided to take some photos when I was away of all the evening outfits I wore!


This was one of my favourite outfits from the holiday. I’m wearing a lace bralette from Victoria’s Secret (20$), a size 10 top from H&M (£8.99), size 10 shorts from H&M (£9.99) and some block sandals from New Look which I bought last year for around £25. Usually I like to tuck my tops into my shorts as they’re high-waisted but I thought it looked so much better to hang loose, it was super comfy (great for when you’re sun burnt) but also looked really nice.


Nothing in this outfit is new so I can’t actually remember the prices but the shorts are also from H&M so I assume they’re around the same price as listed above. I absolutely love this shorts and top combination, I think it makes me look a lot slimmer than what I am and is also very comfortable. As you can tell I am all about being comfortable in what I wear. The crop top is from Topshop and it’s tight enough and thick enough to not wear a bra but also not tight enough that it accentuates your rolls.


Oh look, some more floppy shorts also from H&M!! I really like to mix things up. I’m pretty sure this entire outfit is from H&M, I bought this all last year so can’t remember the exact prices but I know I bought the sandals for 14.99 euros and I use them for literally anything. They were my poolside sandals, beach sandals, day time walking sandals and also my evening sandals. They’re so comfy and so far haven’t given me any blisters! Flip flops tend to give me blisters hence why I don’t own a pair.


So the one evening I decided to wear a skirt I felt super uncomfortable as most nights we played pool in a bar round the corner from our hotel and I’m pretty sure I was flashing everyone when I leant over the table. This is basically why I wear floppy shorts because you get the freedom of a skirt but don’t have to worry about flashing people all the time! This top was £4 from Primark and a size 8. Once I got on holiday I regretted getting the eight as it wasn’t as lose as I would have hoped and it rubbed against my sunburn which was super painful. The skirt is from Topshop I believe, I’ve had it for years now and it used to be pleated. I accidentally put it in the dryer at uni and the pleats fell out but I still love it without them!


My last evening outfit of the holiday is a play suit from H&M… I should have just called this a H&M try on or something haha! Didn’t realise how much of their clothing I owned. I am also a huge fan of playsuits as, once again, they give you the freedom of a dress but you don’t have to worry about flashing people every time there is a breeze.

That’s all for this post!! I really loved my outfits this holiday, I only ever really take two pairs of shoes on holiday with me to save space in my case and if you take pairs that will go with anything then you have nothing to stress about 🙂


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