Festival Haul!!

Tomorrow I head off to 2000 Trees festival and like the late packer I am, I went into town today for some last minute bits. When I say some last minute bits I basically mean everything that I need apart from a tent haha.



This will be my seventh festival and I can honestly say that you need an airbed, it’ll make your whole experience a million times better. It’s gonna be difficult to sleep as it is so a comfy airbed will definitely help. I bought this one from Ultimate Outdoors for only £9 as it was half price! This is definitely a bonus because carrying round a pillow is annoying. It comes with a built in pump and a pillow bit which is actually usable. It was only £3 more than the standard one which didn’t come with a pump or a pillow section. It took a while to blow up but I guess it’s better than blowing it up yourself and getting lightheaded. Taking it down was super easy, I pulled out the plug and rolled along it twice and it was ready to go! This also came with a nice bag as pictured above and the airbed fit in it perfectly.


Sorry for the bad quality photo, my camera was upstairs and I couldn’t be bothered to get it so I used my iPhone! The second thing I got from Ultimate Outdoors was a £9 sleeping bag which was also half price I believe. I am so uncomfortable when sleeping in sleeping bags and also too hot so I needed one that was quite loose and also quite long so that I could open it up to use it as a duvet. This one was perfect and I did take it out of the bag to show my mum but never got a photo! It measures at 75cmx190cm which is great for me considering I’m only 5ft 3 🙂

Next stop was Tiger where I purchased a £3 hand-wind lantern, one minute of winding leads to 20 minutes of light so perfect for inside your tent at night. I also bought a £1 torch which didn’t come with any batteries but for £1 you can’t really go wrong. A torch is essential for camping and festivals to find your way around once the sun goes down.

The last place I went into was Superdrug where I got baby wipes for 69p, Johnson’s face wipes for £3.05 and a money belt which was £4.49. The money belt is also essential when it comes to festivals so you can keep your money and your phone on you at all times. You can also get 10% student discount in Superdrug. Baby wipes are very useful as you’re going to have to use them to basically shower for the next 3-5 days but you also need face wipes to remove any make up you decide to wear! I didn’t buy any of the following today but I highly suggest taking dry shampoo, hand sanitiser and toilet roll with you. I think I may just do a festival essentials post when I get back!

So that’s all for today, I should probably get round to actually packing haha


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