Engaged at 21!!

Last Friday my boyfriend now fiancΓ© asked me to marry him and this is the story of how it happened and some photos from the day! I’m just going to say now that I am so awful at explaining things so I hope the photos help set the scene πŸ™‚

If you’ve read my previous blog post then you’ll know that I went with my fiancΓ© (that is so weird to say haha) a month ago to choose an engagement ring. We went last Thursday to pick it up to make sure it was the right size and I was so excited to wear it. It was killing me knowing it could be ages until he proposed. The day after, we were going to view a private field in some kennel to rent out for his dog Halo. I woke up with a text saying that he was going to wear a shirt so he could get away as his actual owner… now Evan never wears a shirt and I normally have to nag him to wear one so this was the first giveaway.

On the way to the kennels Evan mentioned how he wanted to go to this Wisley garden centre that’s on the way which was even weirder because we have a big one that we normally go to closer to home. As I’m driving down the A3 I notice a sign for Wisley Gardens and then I was convinced he was going to propose as the night before I told him how lovely it would be if he proposed in some nice gardens. He tried to throw me off by getting annoyed that I thought he was going to propose and it was making him feel bad but I was so certain! I was so confused and I even cried/laughed cause I was so excited but also worried in case I had got it completely wrong.

So once we arrived at the gardens I think he just accepted that I basically knew and we spent the day there wandering around. I took some lovely photos of the place. We walked down this ‘bonsai walk’ where there were some bonsai trees (I bought him his own one for his birthday last year so it was really lovely) and at the end was this stunning view of rocks and small waterfalls which you can see below.


After walking down a bit we stopped in front of this really pretty waterfall and he said that was the spot, took the ring box out of his bag and kissed me. I was a bit nervous as there were some people around but he said he didn’t care and got down on one knee and everything! After, two old ladies walked past and congratulated us also mentioning that it was a lovely spot.


So there you have it, I am now engaged to the most amazing person I know and I am so excited for what’s to come.

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