Very Simple Everyday Look!

I wanted to film my first YouTube makeup video last week and I finished editing it today. However, throughout the entire thing I use my ‘telephone voice’ which is basically posher than how I normally speak and I sound super weird. I’ll like the video at the end seeing as I’ve already edited it so I may as well upload it and try to do better next time!

My skin hasn’t been too great recently, it’s been covered in loads of little spots and has been quite blotchy. I decided not to apply foundation to my entire face as this normally makes things a lot worse but I used my Maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation on my eyelids as I don’t have a primer.

Once applying this all over my eyelids I use my Rimmel Eye Pencil and created a winged eyeliner. I keep trying to use liquid eyeliner but I am so awful at applying it and I prefer the softer and smudged look that the pencil gives you.

I then apply Rimmel’s Transparent Powder onto my eyelids to stop the pencil eyeliner from smudging onto the top of my eyelid. Lastly I use my favourite mascara which is Perversion by Urban Decay.

This look is very simple and it’s what I tend to do every day- especially when it is too hot to apply a full face of make up.

Here’s my first makeup YouTube video:



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    1. Thank you so much!! You are so stunning too! Thanks for also checking out my YouTube channel, I’m hoping to upload more on there and get rid of the awful voice haha My nail polish is from Barry M in case you were wondering!

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