Body Confidence | We are all different

We are all different and that’s what makes us human.
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This post is a collaboration with Alex from days of daydreaming. You can read her post on body confidence here. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about my body confidence and also answer the questions she included in her post!

I can’t say that there are periods in my life where I was clearly confident or self conscious because it changed almost daily and it still does. My memory is so awful too so I’m not going to talk so much about my past feelings but rather how I’ve been dealing with my weight and body confidence recently. I think one memory that really stands out though is being in year 10 and getting anonymous phone calls from people calling me a whale. I can’t remember how this affected me but I don’t remember getting too upset about it.

I’m going to talk about my changes through the last three years at university. I started my first year weighing 7st 10lb. I was quite confident of my body and even wore very tight dresses on nights out which I would never dream of doing now unless I was having a ‘skinny’ day. But after my second year I weighed 9 1/2 stone. I gained two stone. I noticed this change when I looked back on old photos of myself and I became quite self conscious. My fiance has really helped with my body confidence and I’m not ashamed to say that. Having someone love my body for what it is and encourage me to wear bikini’s on holidays and stuff made me realise that I didn’t have to care what other people thought. At the end of the day there are people bigger than me in this world.

I think I can say that I’m not really self conscious anymore, there are days where I’m feeling a bit bigger than usual but no where near as bad as I used to feel. I’m not necessarily happy with my body either. I know I need to exercise more and gain some muscle as I currently feel like Mr Blobby.

Alex’s questions:

1. What makes you feel good about yourself?
Definitely clothes that suit my curves. I tried for so long to fit into my old clothes as I refused to buy sizes any bigger but this just made me feel and look worse as I was bulging out everywhere. Buying clothes that actually fitted me properly made me feel a lot more comfortable and even good about myself.

2. Do you feel pressured to look a certain way?
I used to feel very pressured to look a certain way. When I was younger a lot of my friends were skinnier and prettier than me. Everyone had Tumblr which was just awful for me as there were so many depressing quotes being posted everywhere and photos of the perfect body image that dragged me down. Accepting that everyone had different body shapes helped me realise that even if I was a size 2 I would never look like the models I saw everywhere. Firstly, regardless of how much I weigh, my hips are big and I’m lucky enough to have decent sized boobs and my legs are always going to touch.

3. How would you like to improve your body confidence?
I’m very happy with where my body confidence is at, at the moment which is something I am very glad to say. I would like to improve it enough so that I don’t need approval from my fiance and family on how good my body is, I want enough confidence in myself to know how good I look.

4. Has anyone else ever made you feel insecure about your body?
Yes, definitely. As I said earlier, I used to get calls from people calling me a whale.

5. Has your body confidence ever stopped you from doing anything?
I don’t feel like it’s ever stopped me from doing anything but it has definitely stopped me from wearing certain clothes. I’ve improved on that front though as I now wear clothes that actually fit me.

6. How do you deal with a day of low body confidence?
If I’m feeling really self conscious then I put on my comfiest clothes and some makeup to make me feel better about myself! Sometimes I go out in tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie but then I’ve put a load of eyeliner and mascara on haha. I would like to say that I do something about it and go to the gym but I probably just go and buy a box of biscuits!

7. Is there anything you could add or remove from your life that would make you feel more body confident? Why?
I would definitely add the determination to actually go to the gym as I really need to gain some muscle in my arms… they’re like thick spaghetti atm. For me, it’s not about the number that appears on the scale, it’s how I feel about myself when I look in the mirror. That’s why I would love to have the determination to go to the gym regularly because I need to get fit and healthy!

Thanks for reading and feel free to answer these questions yourself 🙂


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  1. Great post, I really agree with this and it had such a great insight. Your writing style is amazing and so engaging. It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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