Stationary and Makeup Accessories Haul

I’ve been out shopping a lot recently with my Mum and my mate Roz so I thought I would do a blog post on everything I’ve purchased.

I’ll start with the beauty products from Primark, I didn’t realise how much stuff they had in there but oh my it’s a lot! I bought a pretty big beauty organiser for only £4 which was a huge bargain as a lot of other places were selling them for around a tenner for ones which were the same size. I’ll probably upload a photo to my instagram once I have filled it! The other things I bought were a two pack of blender sponges (£1.50) and a two pack of silicone sponges (£2). I’ll be testing them both out and deciding on which is better- the normal sponge or the silicone.


From a store called Hema I purchased some glitter tape, I think it was £3 and some gift garland (not sure how much I paid for this). My auntie recently bought me an engagement/wedding scrapbook which I started recently and I thought these were perfect to decorate inside! Going to make a new blog series about it I think 🙂 The ribbon is also for my scrapbook and it was around £1.50 from Dunelm.


Lastly from WHSmith, I got a Pukka Pad project book (about £5/6) and a new academic dairy (£8.99). The notepad came with five dividers with pockets so you can place notes in them. Even though I don’t go back to uni for another month, I thought this would be perfect as I really want to minimise what I carry with me to campus every day so having everything in one notepad would be amazing. You can also tear out the pages and store them into a ring binder once it’s full or as you are going along.

I had already purchased an A5 diary from paperchase but decided it was too small. Unfortunately, I had already written in it so I couldn’t return it. This academic diary is perfect as it’s quite thin and comes with ribbon bookmark so you can easily go to which week you are on. It includes two pages where you can write in your timetable which is ideal for the two semesters of lectures at university. Each week is spread over two pages with a little notes section which is what I really wanted as I tend to write a to do list there.


I apologise for the bad quality photos, the lighting was so rubbish! I hope you enjoyed though, thanks for reading 🙂


9 thoughts on “Stationary and Makeup Accessories Haul

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  1. I love stationary and makeup, so this has been the best haul I have seen for a while! The notebook is super cute, I love how its got this year and last year! I would love to see a post on the blenders, see what your thoughts are! I am yet to try the silicone one, as I am a little worried I am not going to like it xo

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    1. So glad you enjoyed my post :’) Yeah I prefer the academic diaries to regular ones just because my new year starts in September as I’m at uni 😂 I think I’m gonna have to buy a new foundation and then do a comparison post and video as my current foundation is a matte one and doesn’t really spread very well with either! A comparison will probably go up next week 😁 xx

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      1. Yay, I really look forward to reading it! I see what you mean, when education is involved the year starts in September! Where did you purchase it from, because its too cute for me to not even look at it!xo

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    1. I still haven’t organised mine yet but I am literally too excited 😂 I have the Maybelline fit me matte foundation and I don’t think the silicone really works with it as I still need to rub my hands over after to get a nice look! Going to try to try the sponge one too and write a comparison post 😊 what brush do you use cause I’m not sure what one to get! Xxx


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