Unboxing: iPad mini 4 Gold!

So if you follow my twitter then you know I have been humming and harring about buying an iPad for a little while. Well I decided to just go for it a few days ago and I haven’t regretted it yet!

I wanted an iPad because last year at university I really struggled to carry my laptop to campus everyday and my phone screen was way too small to look at notes. I read some reviews online and even though a lot of apple products are overpriced and not worth it I noticed that the iPads were some of the highest rated tablets out there. I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford a huge one but the iPad mini was the perfect size, it’s super light and I can carry it around anywhere.

So I decided it was worth it and I purchased one in gold from the Apple Store using student discount (which was only 5% off).

The iPad came in a small white box which opens just like an iPhone box (it was very fiddly). I’m always worried my phone/iPad is gonna go flying out of it!

The iPad came with a matte plastic cover over the whole thing and if it was clear I probably would have kept it on forever haha. With the iPad came a USB charger that can be inserted into the plug provided.

When I opened the iPad I was worried it didn’t have a headphone slot as I never bothered checking this before buying it. Thank god it does have one cause I can’t be bothered with an adapter.

They only sell the iPad mini 4 with 128GB which is perfectly fine with me because the 32 and other smaller options are just too small. I only have about 16GB on my iPhone (I think) and I’m always running out of space on that.

So there is my unboxing of my new iPad mini 4 with a picture for size comparison against the iPhone 6S. I’m really excited to try it out, especially once uni starts and will write a review in a few months 😁

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