My Dream Wedding Venue!!

So today my fiancé and I (plus our mums) went to view the Cooling Castle Barn in Kent as a potential wedding venue. We were only given a half an hour slot 11:45-12:15 to view the place and we arrived so late (12:12)! Evan and I ran out of the car to find reception worried that they would turn us away but luckily they didn’t.

As soon as we showed up the place was absolutely stunning. You drove past the little castle (pictured above) to get in and then past the accommodation they have there where close family and friends can stay the night of the wedding (at an extra charge). There are plenty of hotels and B&B’s nearby for all other guests to stay!

Picture from their website here.

Turning the corner you walked into the most beautiful courtyard where you can have an outdoor ceremony (yes!!). If you plan an outdoor ceremony and the weather turns out to be awful on the day then you can move to an indoor ceremony which is great.


We were then taken into the reception room where you would have your wedding breakfast and the evening thing and I was honestly blown away. Everything I could have ever wanted was in this room. The pretty fairy lights that are included, the barn setting, it was just perfect.

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Moving through to the indoor ceremony room, the bride enters down some stairs from the back. It was pretty but if it turns out I have to have an indoor ceremony then I would like to decorate the room a bit more which is allowed. Maybe throw in some primark fairy lights haha!


Unfortunately, as there was a wedding on that day, we couldn’t get a look into the Moat House. This is where the bride can get ready for the day which is amazing because then you literally just have to walk around a corner to get to absolutely everything! It’s also where the bride and groom stay the evening of the wedding and from the photos on their website, it looks stunning.

The last place we had a look at was the Heritage Barn where guests first arrive and relax. This was where both our mums decided to start crying. It was hilarious and they nearly set me off, I was getting all emotional!

There wasn’t a single thing I would change about this venue, it was absolutely perfect in every single way. The fact that accommodation, the ceremony and reception is all on the same site was something I really wanted. There is limited accommodation but as I said earlier, there are plenty of places nearby where guests can stay!

We saw the 2019 calendar and it was literally fully booked apart from a handful of days, it was madness! Their open day is next Sunday where the 2020 calendar opens and I think we’re all going to go down again as all the suppliers will be there and you’ll get the chance to speak to everyone.

I am so excited about this venue and I can’t believe I’ve fallen in love with the first place that I have looked at! Evan was really quiet the entire time so I was worried he didn’t love it as much as I did but then it turns out he did and he’s really excited about the outdoor courtyard. He was even joking about having the actual wedding breakfast outside haha! It was only supposed to be a little nose around today but now I think this may hopefully be our wedding venue!!

This is probably going to be the first in a wedding series over the next few years so I hope you all enjoy following me on this journey. This was just a brief talk about the venue but if this is the place where I’m going to get married then there will be plenty of posts about how we’re going to decorate etc. 🙂


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