Recent Body Shop Products

Last week, I went into The Body Shop with my brother to buy some new shower gel as I had run out. Well like any trip to the body shop I also ended up coming out with a face wash for myself and men’s shower gel for my fiance (not pictured as he has it now). The strawberry body polish is also in the picture as I received it as part of my birthday present in March from Evan and have only got round to using it now!

So let’s talk about the Vitamin E face wash first (£7.50). I asked a staff member what would be good for my skin as recently it’s been breaking out like crazy. She sat me down and tested how hydrated my skin was (31/100 apparently which obviously isn’t great) and then how oily different sections of my face were using these strip things. My chin is the most oily part of my face along with my forehead, my nose wasn’t actually as oily as I thought and my cheeks were completely clear! Leading to the discovery that I have mostly combination skin. As my skin was quite dehydrated the staff member suggested I use the Vitamin E face wash and some products from the Tea Tree Oil range for my breakouts. Unfortunately, I’m not made of money so I had to settle for the face wash on it’s own. I use it every morning and night, only needing a pea sized amount for your entire face so this product is going to last ages! I will post a review once I have used it for a few weeks. My brother also got his skin tested and discovered that his skin is also dehydrated and bought a face moisturiser. 🙂

I went for the satsuma shower gel (£5 although I’m sure they used to be £4…) as the store I went to didn’t have much of an option and this one is one of my favourites. It smells so great and lathers up quite well meaning this is also going to last you a long time. The Body Shop shower gels always seem to last longer than the £1 ones I usually buy from drugstores so I feel like I’m getting my moneys worth. I bought this with the £5 I had on my Body Shop points card.

I love the strawberry body polish, it’s a gentle exfoliant (did I spell that right? Who knows) and I didn’t notice at first but usually I have quite dry skin on my legs but it’s definitely improved and I have been forgetting to apply moisturiser! I use this in replacement of my shower gel 🙂

Now I’m not going to go into too much detail about the White Musk Sport Hair & Body Wash I bought for Evan as I’m thinking of writing a blog post about buying gifts for men! Over the year’s I’ve found it super difficult to shop for my fiance, dad and brother so I think I’m gonna get all my ideas together in one post to help anyone else out that is also surrounded by men that are difficult to shop for haha.

With my purchase I received three face mask tasters which I am super excited about trying. I get to try the Himalayan Charcoal, Ethiopian Honey and the Amazonian Acai. The lady in the store explained how they were all for different parts of your face but I can’t remember so I’m going to have to google that unless someone reading this knows!

Also, I need to get a cheap face moisturiser. Anyone have any suggestions for dry but also oily skin at the same time!?

Thanks for reading 🙂




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