The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you to Darcy Fern for nominating me for this award! Make sure you go check out her blog 🙂 I really enjoyed answering these questions!

So as before with the The Liebster Award, I have to answer Darcy’s questions and then nominate some people to answer some questions of my own.

1. What made you want to start blogging?
I started blogging at the beginning of this year to talk about mental health and the struggles I face in every day life. I needed a way to express how I was feeling. I had probably around 4 blog posts and then I decided to completely wipe my blog and start again as I was finding it far too depressing. I started writing about things I enjoyed and it’s grown from there!

2. Are you one of those who are excited for Halloween and Christmas already?
I love all the old school Halloween movies and will be looking forward to watching those but the only thing I really love about it is handing out sweets to trick or treaters. They’re normally the cutest kids dressed up and it melts my heart! Unfortunately, I’m living in a flat this year so I won’t get any. The lead up to Christmas is so exciting as I love all the Christmas music and decorations. Last year was even more magical as I went to New York with my fiance, Evan! I wrote a few blog posts on it which you can find here and here. The only downside to this month is the fact that the days are shorter, that gets me down!

3. What is the one thing you love most about the blogging community?
I definitely love the twitter chats. They’re always so much fun and I try to get involved in as many as possible!

4. What’s your favourite Disney film?
This is difficult for me as I love Disney so without thinking about it too much, I’m going to say Mulan. 🙂

5. Iphone or Android?

6. What is your go to drink?
I love me some smooth orange juice. Unless we’re talking alcohol… I don’t really drink much but when I do it’s a cheeky sex on the beach or Pimms.

7. Do you have any blogging goals? (Share a couple)
I would love to reach 500 views overall this September as I was so close last month but I’ve been really behind on my blog recently so I don’t think that’s going to happen unfortunately!

8. What is your go to costume for Halloween?
Normally, ‘I’m a mouse, duh’.

9. What are you listening to at the moment?
I’m ashamed to admit this but it’s Taylor Swift’s new song. I’ve always been a fan but when I heard this song I was literally like what the hell… this is the shittest thing I have ever heard. But after watching the music video and hearing it a few times it’s really growing on me and I find myself singing it all the time to wind up my fiance.

10. What is your favourite chocolate bar?
This question is super easy. It’s Cadbury Caramel, all the way.

My questions!

  1. What is your favourite treat (sweets/chocolate etc)?
  2. Have you ever tried that pumpkin spice latte? Is it worth the hype?
  3. What is your favourite hot drink?
  4. What is your favourite Christmas film?
  5. What would be your dream location for a Christmas break?
  6. Do you have any blog goals for the rest of this year?
  7. What are you most looking forward to in 2018?
  8. What would you say is your best feature?
  9. What social media do you use the most to promote your blog?
  10. What is your favourite makeup brand?

I tag…

Lucy from Bethan’s Blog

Katharine from Katharine Anne

Roz from Roz Frankie

Rosie from Rosie’s Life

Ellie from Head in the clouds

Courtney from The Weird Wildflower

Olivia from Olivia Charlotte

And anyone else that would like to answer my questions 🙂


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