My Review | The Body Shop Tea Tree products

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A couple months ago I tweeted for some advice to help acne prone skin and a lot of people suggested The Body Shop’s Tea Tree range to me. I was really excited to try it out as I had come off my prescribed acne cream in May and my skin was getting worse as each day passed.

I decided to buy the skin clearing mattifying toner, the night lotion and the mattifying lotion. Each morning I would use The Body Shop’s Vitamine E face wash, then the toner and then the moisturiser and every evening I would do the same but instead of the moisturiser I would use the night lotion.

I used these products every day without a fail and saw little change in my skin. It did slightly help with my acne but the results were quite minimal. After a month or so my forehead and chin were absolutely covered in tiny spots that were under the skin and I was still getting a few red spots (pictured below). This picture was only taken to send to a mate so it’s not a great quality and my skin doesn’t look too bad but in the right lighting you could see all the little spots everywhere.

I recently gave up on the products and went back to my GP for the prescribed cream which was really a shame for me because this cream really dries out my skin. Having been using it for a week, all the red spots on my face have completely disappeared and all I’m left with are loads of the little ones under the skin which are hardly noticeable. I’m hoping after a few more weeks they will disappear entirely too.


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      1. Yes, I’ve started using the face wash and it works well for me (I’ve only just found the face wash…maybe it’s only in New Zealand? I never saw it when I was living in England).

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