Barry M Molten Metal Review!

After getting my gellac nails remove I was desperate to get some new nail polish as my nails were left so dry and ugly. I’ve always loved Barry M nail varnish so they are my go to brand as it’s not too expensive. I had a bit of a panic though as I’m trying to buy cruelty free beauty products but after a quick google I discovered this brand is cruelty free wh h was great.

I wanted something different that I wouldn’t usually wear. I also wanted a more autumnal colour and usually my go to is red but I’ve been wearing that a lot recently. The first thing I got was the Barry M all in one base and topcoat which was £2.99 from Superdrug. I then went for the new Molten Metal collection in the Rose Gold/Pink Ice colour (basic I know but it looked pretty and it’s a colour I don’t have) which was £3.99. Keeping in mind that you also get student discount in Superdrug this was a great deal for two nail polishes.

It was so difficult to get a photo as they’re so shiny but it looks so much better in person!

I absolutely love the colour and next time I think I want to give the copper one a go but they had sold out when I was there! Even without the topcoat the polish is very shiny and takes an average amount of time to dry. Mine chipped very quickly but that’s only because I am super clumsy, even when I paid to get the gellac nails I chipped one within a day! Only one layer of this polish was enough but I applied two just to make sure it would last that bit longer.

The colour is a lot lighter than the photo above, it’s definitely more of a sparkly rose gold than brown. I will definitely be wearing this colour again and I would recommend!


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