Relationship Q&A!

I’m back!! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, my emotions have been all over the place cause I keep forgetting to take my antidepressants plus uni has been super busy. I created a post a few weeks ago to see if anyone wanted to ask me any questions about my relationship with Evan seeing as we’ve been together since we were 16 and now we’re engaged. When you’ve finished reading this, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask anything in the comments below!

  1. This question is by miasouthertonxDo you feel the pressure of getting married straight away now that yous are engaged? and Have yous ever had to do long distance, if so any tips or advice?
    I don’t feel any pressure to get married straight away at all. I knew that I would always have a long engagement just because I want to have the time to arrange my wedding and also the money! Luckily we have never had to do long distance as we both go to the same university but I know that most of my friends have been in long distance relationships (LDR). My advice would be that communication is key, just talking to your partner and making time for them even if its only one weekend a month. I don’t want to give any more advice on this as I’ve never really experienced it myself so I don’t want to give shit advice but I will say that LDR can work, I’ve seen them work. 🙂
  2. The following questions are by Roz. What one thing do you love most and what one thing gets on your nerves the most about him?
    This is actually a really difficult question because there are so many things that I love about Evan. I love the fact that he’s also my best friend and he always tries (sometimes too hard 😉 ) to make me laugh. There are also a lot of things that get on my nerves but probably the fact that he is absolutely amazing at everything, literally. The only thing he can’t do is bend his toes haha!
  3. How did you know Ev was the one?
    It sounds so crazy but I feel like we were always meant to be together. In Year 11, even before we started going out and I was with someone else, we would always end up just hanging out together at the house parties. We didn’t even know each other that well at all but in those moments I was drawn to him in the least creepy way possible and I think it’s crazy where we are now. Our first few years together were an absolute roller coaster, we had so many ups and downs which lasted in us breaking up briefly before university. The time we had apart made us realise that we were so much more miserable without each other. I’m not at all exaggerating but it honest felt like he had died. Three years on from that point and we are doing better than ever. I feel like I’ve always known that Evan was the one, it’s just this gut feeling I have. Like when you’re watching Say Yes To The Dress and they try on this one dress and they get so overwhelmed and they know it’s the one, well that’s what it’s like haha!
  4. The next question is by My Penned Heart. How old are you now and have you gone to any premarital counselling? If not yet, do you plan too?
    We are now 21 (Evan is 22 this month) and we have not gone to premarital counselling. I had to google what it was and it’s not really our cup of tea to be honest. I feel like you should be able to talk to your partner about anything anyways and with us, nothing is going to change once we get married really!
  5. The following questions are by Melissa. Do you already have your wedding dress? If not – what type are you looking for!
    Even though our wedding in’t until July 2020 I have already found my dress for only £150!! You can read all about it here. There are also photos of me trying on different dresses in that post but obviously not the one I ended up choosing. 😉
  6. What is your most memorable date together?
    We very rarely go on dates to be honest even before we started going out we didn’t really have ‘dates’! But I loved our one year anniversary. We were at Reading Festival and it was the last day (Sunday) and as it hit midnight it was our one year anniversary. We had a little kiss, bought my jacket potato and his spag bol, sat on the muddy floor and enjoyed our anniversary meal using the little bit of light from the food truck.
  7. The following questions are from Hannah. How did you guys meet?
    For my 13th birthday party I arranged a trip to Chessington World of Adventures with a group of my mates. The night before one of them messaged me asking if they could bring along their mate Evan and I agreed. So he basically scraped into my birthday party and that’s how we met! I barely remember that day though, we didn’t speak again until we were 15/16.
  8. Biggest dating tip?
    I asked Evan this question and he responded with ‘most people are arseholes, you just have to find the arsehole you can deal with’. I would say be yourself. Don’t try and change who you are for someone else because it’s just not going to work. I know I’m weird and Evan was one of the ‘cool guys’ but I was confident enough to basically demand that Evan should give me his number and look where we are today!
  9. What is each others best/worst quality?
    Me: I would say Evan’s best quality is that he’s probably the most intelligent person I know. His worst is that he’s a perfectionist, everything he does has to be absolutely amazing otherwise there’s no point in doing it in his eyes!
    Evan: Sophie’s best quality is that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, she does what she likes. Her worst quality is that she’s scared of everything.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as I said before feel free to comment with some more questions! Enjoy some photos of me and Evan through the years…


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