Cheeky trip to Crewe and H&M!

So today was pretty eventful. It started off by me waking up too late, leaving the house without showering and getting on the 9:36 train to Crewe with my Costa Hot Chocolate. Now, I was only going to Crewe to collect the camera I accidentally left on the train on my way back from London two weekends ago so to get my money’s worth I thought I would spend a few hours there taking in all Crewe had to offer (not a lot). Well when I got there and retrieved my camera, only ten minutes had passed since I had got off my train. As I went to leave the station I saw a poster with big writing, ‘Murder Investigation’… So I went, fuck that, and got on the next train back to bham. And thus concludes my 20 minutes spent in Crewe.

Arriving at Birmingham, I was due to meet Evan at the cinema around two to see Thor which meant I had two hours to kill. I headed over to the bullring and so began my journey to find the perfect leggings for me- not too long as I have small legs and also not see through. I went over to H&M, if you have small length legs and big thighs I wouldn’t recommend buying leggings from here. The medium were ridiculously long on me, too tight around my thighs and too big around my hips and waist.

I wanted to try on clothing I wouldn’t usually wear so I picked up a green sparkly jumper in two sizes, a red long sleeved velvet crop top, a tight short and slightly see through red top and a burgundy/purple fluffy jumper. I was particularly excited to try on the last one because I really wanted something I could wear out of the house that was like loungewear but socially acceptable.

So here we have the green sparkly jumper in an XS. I absolutely loved the sleeves but the jumper looked a bit too frumpy on me and just sat awkwardly! I tried the S on too but the arms were then way too big. Plus it was one of those jumpers that was a bit itchy so it was a no from me.

Next was the red velvet crop top in a size S. Even though it was quite tight on my boobs the material was stretchy so wasn’t uncomfortable and it was very loose around my waist which was good. I don’t think I would wear this top with these jeans as my tummy would be wobbling everywhere but I would definitely wear it with a black skirt that I own. For only £8.99 I decided to buy this top!

This top looks absolutely awful in this photo because the bottom is clinging onto the button on my jeans but it looked nice, trust me. It was however, slightly see through but paired with a plain black bra you wouldn’t be able to notice! This top was also £8.99 and I ended up buying it.

Last but not least, the best purchase of the trip. This jumper was not at all itchy, in fact it feels like you’re wearing a blanket which is exactly what I want from my clothing this time of the year. Or maybe all year round… This jumper I managed to bag for only £10 as it was in the sale, I even went back to see the other colours! Unfortunately, only white and bright pink were left, neither the sort of colours I would wear so I just went for this one.

Seeing as I only went in for some leggings, I’m really glad I decided to try on some different outfits for me because I ended up buying a few things. I would definitely recommend trying on random pieces of clothing you may like the next time you go shopping because things always look different on compared to what they look like on the hanger!


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