Christmas Gift Guide| What have I bought?

Hello everyone! So I’ve been planning to write this post for ages and I know I’ve left it super late but I hope that it can still help someone who’s ran out of present ideas. Apologies for the awful photos too!


The wrapping paper I bought this year was the copper one that you can see in the featured photo from Poundland and the dinosaur one was from Paperchase. The dinosaur paper was nearly quadrupole the price of the one from Poundland but I had to get it because Evan loves dinosaurs. To save some money, I got the gift box for free from FatFace with the purchase of a pyjama top. They have small, medium and large ones and they are so useful. I plan on wrapping the box in wrapping paper so you can’t see the FatFace logo on it. Now onto the gifts!

Firstly for my Fiancé Evan, I have bought a paperwhite Kindle. He mentioned wanting one about a month ago and I had to really talk him out of not buying one so I’m pretty sure he knows I got one for him but oh well! Along with this I bought him a pyjama top from Fat Face because I don’t think he has any pyjamas apart from some shorts, some shower gel from the body shop with a bath bomb as apparently they do those now!? And finally, season 4 of the 100.


For my brother, I got him a body shop gift set that includes shaving cream, face wash and a face moisturiser.

For my parents, I got them a virgin experience package where they get a three course meal at a restaurant for brunch with unlimited prosecco for two hours.

For my friend Roz I usually buy her Lush products but I already bought her quite a few for her birthday so I got her some body shop shower gel (the frosted plum one which smells amazing) and a matching bath bomb plus fluffy fox socks from Fat Face.

For my work secret Santa, I used a gift bag from Poundland and filled it with a box of celebrations, a huge bar of galaxy and a mug from Poundland that said ‘secret Santa is for mugs’.

Shopping for men is usually so difficult so I always tend to get them gift sets from the body shop. I bought my dad a shaving one last year and he absolutely loved it! Also I would suggest buying gift vouchers for a certain type of makeup brand if you’re wanting to buy makeup for someone but you’re not too sure on what to buy.

I hope you enjoyed my last minute Christmas gift guide! Thanks for reading. 😊

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