Antidepressant free!

I am so glad and proud to say that I am no longer on my antidepressants after nearly two years of being on them. I graduated in July with a 3rd Class Mathematics Degree which isn’t great but to be honest I’m just glad that I came out of it with a bit of my sanity left. I began coming off my antidepressants a few months ago once I had settled into my job (just working in retail atm) and moving back home. One of the main reasons was because I applied to the MET Police and I couldn’t really be on them for that job. My plan was to come off them once university finished anyways so this was the push I needed to start weaning off the tablets.

After about two months of lowering the dose, I’ve been off them for around two weeks now and although my mood has been a complete roller coaster I think I’m finally starting to feel myself again. I feel so happy with where I am, even though that’s just working in retail. I’m so happy with my relationship with my fiance and I’m excited for the future. I think I’ve decided against the MET Police now and I’m focusing on finding a job in merchandising. A bit of an extreme change but I think the MET police will be too stressful for me and considering I’m doing really well atm I don’t want to go back to that shit place.

This was a bit of a spontaneous post, I came onto wordpress to write my blog posts about Budapest and realised that the last few posts I had written were from months ago.Β  I know not many people follow me but I wanted to just clear the air and explain whats been happening in my life and how I’ve been doing to get a fresh start!

I’m excited to get back into blogging and thanks for reading. πŸ™‚


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    1. I just had really bad mood swings once coming off them but all that’s gone now! I had more side effects when starting them 😊 and the MET advise that you’re off them for 6 months before applying

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