The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you so much to Charlotte for tagging me! Everyone should go check out her blog, multibendybeauty. The Versatile Blogger Award is an opportunity to share the blogs that you love the most, taking into account the quality of what they write, their uniqueness and their love for what they’re writing about. There are a few... Continue Reading →


Relationship Q&A!

I'm back!! It's been a while since I've written a blog post, my emotions have been all over the place cause I keep forgetting to take my antidepressants plus uni has been super busy. I created a post a few weeks ago to see if anyone wanted to ask me any questions about my relationship... Continue Reading →

NYX Liquid Suede review

Recently I purchased the NYX Liquid Suede in colour 03, Cherry Skies for only £7 from Boots. I was looking for a lipstick that was more of a darker red seeing as a lot of my lipsticks are more of a dark purple/red. I headed straight for NYX as they’re usually my go to when... Continue Reading →

£150 for a wedding dress!?

On October 1st 2017 I went to the National Wedding Show with Evan, my Mum, my auntie and my mate Roz. As we booked the wedding venue last month I wanted to go to just look around and see the catwalk of all the dresses and suits! Basically just to be nosey and get some... Continue Reading →

Evening look!

I went out for my cousin's birthday yesterday and decided to put on a full face of makeup for once. Seeing as I haven't done a beauty post in a while I took some photos as I went along to put in this post. Please ignore the awful quality of the photos! The final look... Continue Reading →

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