Our Engagement Party!! | Venue and Decorations…

I thought I wrote this post months ago but turns out I didn't for whatever reason, I think it was because I went back to university so here it is now! Evan and I held our engagement party at a riverside pub along the Thames in Surbiton in September 2017. We were able to reserve... Continue Reading →

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you so much to Charlotte for tagging me! Everyone should go check out her blog, multibendybeauty. The Versatile Blogger Award is an opportunity to share the blogs that you love the most, taking into account the quality of what they write, their uniqueness and their love for what they’re writing about. There are a few... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Me!

Hey guys, so this is just a quick blog post about my most recent video. I talk a little bit about myself so my followers can get to know me a bit more. I wanted to do a blog post 'about me' and I still may do one but I've been really into editing new... Continue Reading →

Engaged at 21!!

Last Friday my boyfriend now fiancé asked me to marry him and this is the story of how it happened and some photos from the day! I'm just going to say now that I am so awful at explaining things so I hope the photos help set the scene 🙂 If you've read my previous... Continue Reading →

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