Birmingham Botanical Gardens!

This blog post is mainly going to be photos from my day out to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with my parents yesterday! The weather was absolutely amazing which meant I finally got to wear my maxi dress from Fat Face that I purchased about a month ago. It was a bit too long at the... Continue Reading →

My Dream Wedding Venue!!

So today my fiancé and I (plus our mums) went to view the Cooling Castle Barn in Kent as a potential wedding venue. We were only given a half an hour slot 11:45-12:15 to view the place and we arrived so late (12:12)! Evan and I ran out of the car to find reception worried... Continue Reading →

Engaged at 21!!

Last Friday my boyfriend now fiancé asked me to marry him and this is the story of how it happened and some photos from the day! I'm just going to say now that I am so awful at explaining things so I hope the photos help set the scene 🙂 If you've read my previous... Continue Reading →

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