Urban Decay Metallized Vice Lipstick Review!

For Christmas my fiancé, Evan, bought me the metallized vice lipstick in shade Cruel with the matching lip liner! After using these a few times, I am a huge fan and would definitely recommend. The lip liner goes on so easily and I love the slight sparkle in the lipstick. I normally wear either a... Continue Reading →

Selling my clothes!

Hey guys, welcome back! I thought 2018 was going to be the year for my blog and it started so well but recently I haven't had the time to write because of uni! I've been feeling a bit down recently because my car died last August and I've been desperate for a new one since... Continue Reading →

What’s up, bra!?

Hello everyone and welcome back to Sop's Blog! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I've been a 32E (32DDD for those of you in America) since I was about 16/17. As I was growing I was finding it more and more difficult to buy pretty bras that were actually my... Continue Reading →

Cheeky trip to Crewe and H&M!

So today was pretty eventful. It started off by me waking up too late, leaving the house without showering and getting on the 9:36 train to Crewe with my Costa Hot Chocolate. Now, I was only going to Crewe to collect the camera I accidentally left on the train on my way back from London... Continue Reading →

NYX Liquid Suede review

Recently I purchased the NYX Liquid Suede in colour 03, Cherry Skies for only £7 from Boots. I was looking for a lipstick that was more of a darker red seeing as a lot of my lipsticks are more of a dark purple/red. I headed straight for NYX as they’re usually my go to when... Continue Reading →

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