Antidepressant free!

I am so glad and proud to say that I am no longer on my antidepressants after nearly two years of being on them. I graduated in July with a 3rd Class Mathematics Degree which isn't great but to be honest I'm just glad that I came out of it with a bit of my... Continue Reading →

Birmingham Botanical Gardens!

This blog post is mainly going to be photos from my day out to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with my parents yesterday! The weather was absolutely amazing which meant I finally got to wear my maxi dress from Fat Face that I purchased about a month ago. It was a bit too long at the... Continue Reading →

Selling my clothes!

Hey guys, welcome back! I thought 2018 was going to be the year for my blog and it started so well but recently I haven't had the time to write because of uni! I've been feeling a bit down recently because my car died last August and I've been desperate for a new one since... Continue Reading →

What’s up, bra!?

Hello everyone and welcome back to Sop's Blog! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I've been a 32E (32DDD for those of you in America) since I was about 16/17. As I was growing I was finding it more and more difficult to buy pretty bras that were actually my... Continue Reading →

Cheeky trip to Crewe and H&M!

So today was pretty eventful. It started off by me waking up too late, leaving the house without showering and getting on the 9:36 train to Crewe with my Costa Hot Chocolate. Now, I was only going to Crewe to collect the camera I accidentally left on the train on my way back from London... Continue Reading →

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